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  • R.J.G. Elbertse
  • 25-11-1992
  • Dutch


PhD Degree Delft University of Technology, OtteLab (2018-2022) "Lifetime of atomic spin chains"
Center for Quantum Nanoscience (2021-2022)
Master's Degree Delft University of Technology - Applied Physics (2014-2017)
Exchange Semester Universidad de Buenos Aires - Física (2013)
Bachelor's Degree Delft University of Technology, Applied Physics (2010-2014)
Delft University of Technology, Applied Mathematics (2010-2014)
For more information on research done during my studies, click here.


Working Experience

Delft University of Technology, OtteLab PhD employment: using scanning tunneling microscopy to study atomic spin chains (2018-2022)
For more information, see here.
TNO Internship at the Optics Department (2015)
By building an optical set-up on an optical table, it was shown that it is possible to couple light through the backside of a Silicon on Insulator (SOI) chip. Details are subject to a non-disclosure agreement.
Delft University of Technology Teacher's Assistant in various first year's Bachelor's courses of Applied Physics (2014-2016)
Being an advocate and enthusiast of education, it was only natural that I participated in teaching students. Over the course of 3 years I helped with about two-thirds of all Freshman courses of BSc. Applied Physics. This often means being around for the tutorial sessions in which students are given exercises and TAs go around answering questions. I typically find questions fall in either of three categories: [1] They are halfway in the exercise but are stuck because they went wrong somewhere (either in terms of math or in terms of physics) in which case I ask them to go through their solution and ask questions along the way which make them realize the problem. [2] They have an idea on how to start but are not feeling confident about their initial reasoning (sometimes justified), in which case through a discussion we come to the right method. [3] They are completely lost because there is a serious gap in their knowledge - in which case I take the time to explain the things. I think it's important to provide personalized help, as each student is dealing with a unique problem (well, sometimes everyone makes the same common mistake...).
FlexDelft Helping with Open Days for the Delft University of Technology (2011-2014)
Open Days are always exciting moments for high school students to orient themselves towards their future. I therefore offered to participate in these events to help inform prospect students (and their parents) about what it is like to study at TU Delft and also what it is like to study Applied Physics (perhaps combined with Applied Mathematics). During these events it's good to have a diverse mix of representatives in order to properly address the various questions. For example, I was the only one doing a double Bachelors.
Student's Plus (and private) Private tutor (2011-2018)
Helping middle and high school students with chemistry, physics and mathematics, among others. I've had more than 10 long-term (>1 year) students. Since I believe education should not be behind a paywall, my rates were adjusted according to the individual (or rather their parents') income.



Dutch Native
English Fluent
Spanish B2


Skill Set

Lab Skils STM, UHV, Cryogenics
Coding Matlab, HTML/CSS, LaTeX, LabVIEW, Python, COMSOL
Miscellaneous Courses Mediator of students (2007)