Voronoi Diagram

This program offers the user a GUI in which they can visually select points on an MxN grid. The program will then make a Voronoi Diagram.

The purpose of this program was to determine whether a given starting location set-up for a custom game of Sid Meier's Civilization V was fair. To that purpose, a world-map according to the game is provided.

Zombie Apocalypse simulation

This program runs a visual simulation in which, upon an MxN grid, there are Nb elements. These will do random walks (without stacking). At time t1 one of them will become infected, and infect other elements it touches. For each infected element, they will die after a certain time. At time t2 a vaccinated element joins, allowing to cure only infected elements. Curing rate drops for each subsequent cured element. A failure in curing will result in a stronger infection - ultimately leading to exploding elements.

The purpose of this program is to simulate the effect of infection rates at random walks. The more drastic stages are added in order to add diversity. No statistical information of these simulations have been done yet - but especially the simple case of healthy/infected/cured could result an interesting study of parameters.