After a successful MSc Thesis I continued in the OtteLab. The first year I spent doing various projects such as identifying the usability of Co and Sc on CuN/CuAu, attempting ESR measurements and starting the first round of the Remote Detection project. This project, was continued on during most of the second year, which led to a publication in Nature's Communication Phyiscs. During my third year I was busy upgrading one of our STMs to include a proper antenna for the purpose of ESR-STM, with success. Throughout my third and fourth year I helped set up AFM-STM in our lab, tried new species of atoms on MgO for the purpose of ESR-STM and am working in collaboration with Richard Norte's team. During the second half of my fourth year I will be in South Korea, as a research exchange with EWHA Womens University's Center for Quantun Nanoscience.

Outreach of my work has led to being nominated for Best Poster Prize at the yearly Dutch Physics Society's convention in Veldhoven in 2020, the third place the Dutch Physic's newsletter for best article and I have also published in the Dutch Vacuum Society's magazine.

Graduate Studies

While finalizing my MSc Applied Physics, I did a MSc. Thesis at the OtteLab group of TU Delft. In this group I used a Scanning Tunneling Microscope to investigate Co on CuCl/Cu(111) and, together with my colleagues, verified DFT calculations that showed that the Co atom's ground state shows a triangular shape and has its electronic configuration in the d7.82 hybrized state. Work was also done in improving the sample preparation using LEED. Read my thesis here, for which (together with the defense) I was awarded a 8.5/10. .


Following my double Bachelors, I decided to pursue a MSc Applied Physics. During this time I did my internship at TNO (Optics), where I investigated and confirmed the possibility to couple light in through the backside of a Silicon-on-Insulator optical chip. For this I was awarded an 8/10. The report can unfortunately not be shared due to a non-disclosure agreement.

Undergraduate Studies

I entered the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands in 2010, where I started a double degree in Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics. In 2013 I spent one semester in Argentina, studying at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. My intentions were to do my Bachelor's thesis there, but the different universities systems caused different expectations between me and my supervisor, ultimately leading me to take a Bachelor's thesis back in Delft alongside my remaining classes. For my thesis I helped develop a graphical user interface (GUI) which calculates the best possible set of widths of a multilayer-stack for various under several different user-defined parameters. Read my thesis here, for which (together with the defense) I was awarded a 7/10.

Secondary Education

On Dutch high schools, the year before university, students have to write a scientific paper. I worked together with two friends, Martin Rogalla and Deniz Hofmeister, to make a marble accelator - a smaller, linear version of the Large Hadron Collider using only magnetic fields. Watch an informative video by Deniz here. We were awarded a 9.3/10 for our work.